The Creative Process

Creativity is derived from the word create. God is the most creative person and we can see that from all that he created. Our father wants us to be creative like him.

Creativity is a vital part of music. We need creativity in songwriting, creativity in the band, creativity with the vocalists.

Sometimes the creative process might seem like a waste of time but most of the times you will go through various silly ideas to finally get to what you need.

What is entailed in the creative process:

  1. Risk Taking
  2. Experimentation
  3. Testing
  4. Feedback & Application

What can help the creative process?

  • Atmosphere
  • Fun

Creativity thrives in fun atmospheres. If people are all uptight that will hinder creativity to come out.

  • Paying attention to detail.
  • Contributions in the case of a team
  • Constant Practice

For teams disagreements are actually part of the creative process. You will first fight over certain parts of the song, one person will say my idea is the one that works, someone else will say no that will not work and you will go back and forth. This is not bad for it will cause the best idea to come out.

Hindrances though to the creative process are yes men. Having one dominant individual and a group of minions who don’t think but just agree with everything that is pitched means good ideas will not receive the light of day, it’s like a rigged election.

In a team setting having too many people at a rehearsal who are not playing or singing anything may actually hinder the creative process. Sometimes you have to take the select few and then work on stuff and then eventually bring it to the whole team.

What would you say is part of the creative process for your team? Look forward to hear your thoughts on this matter.