Of Prophets, churches and new years offerings

So yesterday i opened my Facebook feed to see posts about Fadzayi Mahere and the anger people had toward her Facebook post about $77 , $770, $7700 & $77000. This post though it did not talk about Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa directly it was obviously in response to his churches crossover service seed message. For the benefit of those who did not see it she said :

If you have $77, buy some inspirational biographies and start a vision board to keep yourself motivated throughout the year.
If you have $770, spruce up your garden with a parkbench, new shrubs and a bird bath to make your space more zen and more welcoming as you evolve into the best version of yourself. You will need beautiful surrounds to keep you centred and going when all you wish to do is stop. The new year will not be easy.
If you have $7700, hire a stockbroker or a financial advisor. Make your money work for you passively. Invest in learning how to use money more efficiently.
If you have $77 000, buy a fresh property. Devote the year to fixing it up and doubling its market value.

Remember always, God makes it rain, you choose how you SOW!

If you want 2017 to be a fabulous year for you, you will have to WORK damn HARD for it…there shall be no quick fixes, no cucumbers, no sewage, no Doom and most of all, no stupidity! If you are to give, do so wisely. Give to the poor and the less fortunate – the return on your investment shall be that they have a better shot at life.

The greatest MIRACLE God will grant you, is that you will make it through…through fire, through floods, through hardship, through pain and through failure.

The road to a great 2017 lies in the power God has instilled within you to live your best life. You must ACT and play your part!

The real man/woman of God is YOU. You have the required dominion. Harness it!

2017 shall be FIRE!

Now this post caused a lot of people to be angry. While Advocate Mahere is entitled to her opinion; i will explain why UFIC people ( Makandiwa’s church ) where touched and angry at her. Advocate Mahere took a swipe at those who subscribe to the seed faith principle telling them that sowing money in the ministry is a waste of time; it would be better to invest that money as Makandiwa is taking them for a ride. Now Fadzayi Mahere you are entitled to your opinion and i respect you for that but you took a swipe at Prophet Makandiwa ( though your post does not talk about Makandiwa directly everyone who resides in Zimbabwe and those who go to Makandiwa’s church know what you were addressing ). So yes you will get backlash. I apologize to you of the conduct of some of the Christians who then proceeded to say terrible stuff about you. That is not Christ like. Some of those believers are still young in the faith and do not understand that it is not Christ’s way to deal with issues.

However Advocate Fadzayi Mahere you went into the field of theologians and took a swipe at spiritual things clearly stating that it does not work. You took a swipe at the miraculous and claimed that the only miracle God will grant you is the rewards of your labor. But the thing about a miracle is it does not make sense otherwise it would not be a miracle. When you go through the bible you will find that the seed principle is actually there. Now though there is a lot of theological debates around these issue that is not the purpose of my blog post today.

Let me be categorically clear that i do not go to Makandiwa’s church. However i am a Christian ( using the labels people give i am a Pentecostal ). Now let me explain that the concept of seed faith is at the root of the prosperity gospel. What Makandiwa did is not new and it is not limited to Africa only. I grew up on God channel & Daystar and you will find the Kenneth Copelands, Creflo Dollar, Rod Parsely, Bishop T.D Jakes and the list is endless subscribe to the seed faith principle. This is why i am surprised at some Christians who are treating Makandiwa as if he invented this while it is something that is done in every church ( using different terms of cause but we know every New Year everyone is asked to bring their best seed so as to secure their year ). So for those who are using this as a way to show that Makandiwa is a false prophet i ask you to take a closer look at your own churches and you will find they are no different, that seed faith principle; the principle of giving an offering or sacrificing to get a desired return is at the bedrock of the prosperity movement. And those saying its an African thing you need to check out the teachings of some of the ministers in the US and elsewhere.

Now whether this is right or wrong i will leave that for another post for another day. Are there ministers taking advantage of their congregants? That has been the case for ages. Is Makandiwa taking his congregants for a ride? I don’t know i am not God. I however know a lot of people have been healed in his service, a lot of people have seen what they term the hand of God upon their lives, orphans have been fed, widows are being taken care of. Whether he is a false prophet or not i honestly do not know but i know he is doing a lot of good and what he is doing is not new, he has not reinvented the wheel. Before Makandiwa the spotlight used to be on Ezekiel Guti of ZAOGA, at one time the spotlight was on Pastor Tom Deuschle of Celebration church, another time Prophet UberT Angel. Now whether these be true men of God or not i think only God knows the hearts of men. Yes the bible does say false prophets and false teachers shall arise. But i know that there are also true prophets and true teachers as well.

Remember that Jesus in his day was not popular with the religious folk. He did a lot of miracles and i believe Christianity should have the miraculous. I want to say that as a Christian i do not understand a lot of things that have to do with the spiritual realm. I read my bible and try to understand but there is a lot about Christianity that does not make sense, because it is about faith. I will say this though to each his own. If you do not understand the concept of seed faith just don’t do it but don’t be quick to think that those who are involved in it are stupid, wasting their time or are being taken for a ride. Christianity is a complex faith and the fact that we have so many denominations means that there is a lot of confusion on a lot of doctrines and interpreting of the bible.

Now to the UFIC people i want you to know that using bad language, insulting people. That is not Christ like. It is wrong and i pray you repent. Remember the story of the disciples who wanted to call fire upon those who were resisting Jesus teachings, Jesus rebuked them and said you know not of what Spirit you are. Guys God is love and we should always conduct ourselves with love towards others regardless that they believe things that are different from us. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether they are right or their wrong. Advocate Mahere has every right to voice her opinion whether its wrong or its right. And the Christian response should be always one of love. I actually think Fadzayi Mahere is a Christian herself so we address brethren with love and even if she is not we still should address her in a loving manner. The world would be a better place if Christians just acted like Christ and stopped being these nasty people, its a poor witness to unbelievers and rightly does God say in Romans my name is blasphemed among the unbelievers because of you.