Mugabe’s Speech And What Is Next For Zimbabwe

It is no secret that the whole of Zimbabwe and not only us but the rest of the world were very expectant yesterday to hear a resignation speech from President Robert Mugabe.Only for them to be left confused after as no one could understand what exactly he had said. And after he said goodnight to the nation many people started asking what is next.

Regardless of him not resigning yesterday there is no doubt that this is a new season for Zimbabwe.For the first time ever people no longer fear to talk about the issues to do with the politics of this nation.And that is very important as the nation has been gripped by fear for a very long time.

What is important now is for individual to start working out how they are going to be a part of this new season. It is important not to be so engrossed in the resignation speech that you forget that even when the process is finished your success is to be based on your own individual effort.The question is this: What are you doing, what plans are you making to ensure that in the new dispensation you will have a life that is different from the life you had under the rule of Robert Mugabe

Like he said in his speech “iwe neni tine basa ” which means you and me have work to do!