#HappyNewYear Leave the past in the past and start writing a new future

Let me just take this moment to wish everyone in the world a blessed 2017. May you have a prosperous and fruitful year. In 2016 i took a break on blogging. I needed to find myself, i needed perspective and wisdom as most of my posts always led to some contention of some sort; my entire blog caused me to be fired from my previous job L.O.L. Anyway the past is in the past. That is what i have learnt and am learning:

  • Leave the past in the past because the past only belongs in the past, it is the past because it passed away, and it passed away so that something new can come along!
  • Start writing a new future. Once you leave the past you need to start mapping out your future. What do you want to achieve? What can you do better? How can you innovate and move with the times?
  • Immediately start working towards your goals. We all know new years is when people write a lot of resolutions, make a lot of noise about what they want to change and how they want to become better. Unfortunately it just ends on paper. Its great to do resolutions but whats even better is to start working towards them and don’t procrastinate. Immediately start acting out on those resolutions.
  • Ok so the world is becoming more and more dynamic, technology is achieving unbelievable feats. If you are gonna be successful in this new dispensation clearly you have to be a friend of technology; don’t fight it; move with the flow!

By the way don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, this year i will be having very interesting discussions and i hope you can be part of them! Happy 2017 folks!