Dare To Enjoy Life

Dare to believe you can enjoy life

Life was never meant to be dreaded but to be enjoyed. Jesus says that I came that they might have and enjoy life ( John 10:10 ). So many people are living miserably but can you dare to believe that you will enjoy your life.

Sometimes you just need to believe you can go to that fancy restaurant that you always pass through and are always wishing you can go to if things get better. Guess what, you have to make things better.

Part of my experience of daring to enjoy life includes taking myself out to various places to eat, have fun and just relax. I also find that when you enjoy your money it motivates you to make more money. I find I work harder to get more money the moment I enjoy the money I am working for.

Generally most Christians do not enjoy their lives. Truth be told most Christians live a dull and boring life, and they do so not because they want to but because there is this false notion that enjoying life is sinful. When I look at the life of Jesus I see a man who would enjoy his life- walking on water (how cool is that seriously), sleeping in storms with no worries- only if more Christians would enjoy a good night’s sleep. Most people are living a boring, stressful life. This is not what Jesus died on the cross for.

He says I came that you might have and enjoy life.

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